Why write a book about some of the clients I cooked for, you might ask?

Well, the easy answer is that I NOW have the time to sit down To write. I was grinding for sooooo long, day in and day out, cooking for clients in their homes, then moving to a commercial kitchen to cook for even MORE people, all while running a cafe in Baltimore while ALSO being a Food Stylist for movies, TV series and commercials.

I had the idea to write this book for years, but never had the time to do so…UNTIL my husband and I semi retired to Lisbon, Portugal with our dog, Mr. Shivers about two months ago.

Also, I wanted to share the myriad things I witnessed in people homes, whether they were funny, sad, endearing, bizarre, and sometimes just plain horrible.

To learn more about who I am…

Simply read the first two stories, an introduction if you will, “Cooking Was In My Blood” and “But What I Really Wanted To Be Was To Be A Rockstar” to learn my herstory.

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Shirlé Hale

Shirlé Hale (pronounced shir-Lay) is an accomplished musician, chef, artist, entrepreneur and now writer. She currently lives in Lisbon, Portugal with her husband and small dog, Mr. Shivers. Please follow her on this, her next chapter.